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MDS coaching all India medical entrance is online e-learning platform dedicated to Dental students that offers MDS coaching & Preparation for them. We are making it affordable and reachable to MDS aspirant across India. We envision a future where every MDS aspirants has access to a world-class MDS Coaching & Preparation facility for MDS entrance even if they are sitting at home or remote locations. We aim to empower students to fulfill their dream to get seat in Post Graduate courses in MDS.


How MDS coaching & Preparation Works


MDS preparation mock test provides a Live online 2 way interactive MDS coaching for AIPGDEE 2015 preparation for complete 30 weekends on Saturday and Sunday .

  • Each subject is covered in quick review of 10-15 hours in every Sunday Subject review class at 3 pm – 8 pm . All 19 Subjects comprehensive review is done in 150 hours of Live 2 way interactive online Face to Face class.
  • On each Sunday a AIPGDEE MDS Full Scale Grand mock test is offered online at 9 am -12 pm and a Live 2 way interactive discussion of the paper happens at 12 pm – 2 pm . 30 Full Scale AIPGDEE Mock tests and discussions are offered in 30 Sundays
  • On every Saturday a Subjectwise test is offered at 4 pm – 6 pm and a Live 2 way interactive discussion happens at 6 pm – 8 pm. 30 Subject wise tests and discussions are offered in 30 Saturdays
  • Sign up today for AIPGDEE Daily Classes and Weekly Mock tests
  • AIPGDEE MDS Entrance Coaching is for 30 weeks

Prepare for MDS Entrance everyday

  • Every weekend on Saturday and Sunday , online class provides a total 270 hours of Live coaching in 30 Weekends
  • Every Saturday there is a Online MDS Entrance Subject mock test with Live discussion –4 pm -8 pm
  • Every Sunday there is a online MDS Entrance Full scale mock test with Live discussion 9 am -2 pm
  • Every Sunday there is online live class at 3 pm – 8 pm on a particular Subject review for 30 Sundays
  • Whenever you miss the class , you have the Lecture videos archived in online Video Library

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Show the world that you are MDS Entrance topper

With the help of our specialized schedule and teaching technique prepare yourself in the field of dentistry. Our teaching methods, course material & MDS Preparation tips makes you equipped for MDS entrance. Come on; join our team as whole world around you is waiting for the News that you cracked the top Rank in MDS Entrance exam

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Stay anywhere on Globe but Prepare for MDS Entrance everyday

Don’t Travel, don’t rush to crowded Classes, Only focus on MDS Preparation
Don’t worry even if you miss a online class since you have MDS Video Library
Live MDS class broadcasts there, where you are.
Live Teacher Interactive video tutorial
Special PowerPoint slides made by our teachers
Chat window Broadcasts to your Desktop from where you can clear your doubts

Our Approach to MDS Coaching & Preparation

teaching methods for MDS Students

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The experience

It’s simple. We want to help students learn better — and faster. That’s why we’ve designed online interactive platform based on proven teaching methods . The teacher can address each of the students on one to one basis and students can ask the teacher doubts in the middle of lecture through chat window.
Here are 4 key ideas that were influential in shaping our vision




270 hours of Live interactive online coaching from home in 30 Weekends is very comfortable for many dental students and PG Dental entrance aspirants who are busy on Week days


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Pretest and Posttest on every MDS class gives instant feedback

MCQs, MCQs and MCQs. Loads of MCQs covering all 19 Subjects for MDS Entrance are reviewed. Every Subject is chapter wise reviewed with 100-150 High yield MCQs on the chapter. A total of 2000 High yield topics are reviewed. Our teachers are very passionate in inducing the conceptual acumen in the mind of MDS preparing student. At, every day the lecture is a fun and learning is a sport played all from the comfort of home.

Peer reviews from other MDS Entrance aspirants is a key for MDS coaching & Preparation

Preparation to MDS entrance is never a solo effort. It is a cohort of similarly determined co aspirants that add the required kinetic energy and motivation to mind. student community is a race in itself, where every aspirant has a chance to chat with others, network with others and exchange notes, mnemonics, conceptual debates with other aspirants.


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Online MDS coaching & Preparation Video’s Library accessing on your Tablet and Smartphone

You need not travel to a center to take MDS mock test. If you have a Smart phone with android platform, Daily tests, Full scale Mock tests and Subject tests are all available on online test app.