Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start using
You need to register first . Click on the icon CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the Registration page Fill in few details of Name , email id , Mobile Phone number , City , State and choose MDS in the courses tab . Registration is absolutely free.

Once you register with us, we create your account automatically .But you need to activate your account by calling our helpline 09000868356 and get coupon code. Our helpline offers you coupon code to your email id if you email them the scanned copy of deposit of fee into the Axis Bank account of Y Murali Mohan A/C Number 912020002784036

How do I buy Package and activate my tests and where should I enter coupon code?
You login into your account using the username (your email id) and password you registered in earlier step . Click on Buy Package icon on your left side in Dash Board. Click on BUY NOW button and you can enter your coupon code.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new password?
Click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ button on the Login page. A pop up will appear which will ask you to input your email address. Submit your email address. You will receive a new password in few seconds on your email.
I am not able to login with the email id and password.

This can be due to following issues.
1) You are using a wrong email address as your login id – Ensure that you are using the correct email address.
2) You are using a wrong password – You might have forgotten correct password or you might be using Caps Lock while typing the password. The password is case sensitive. In case you have forgotten the password, please follow the instructions regarding I forgot my password above.

How do I appear for the Examination Test/ Practice Test?

Once you login, click on the My Test button on the left side menu. You will see practice tests which are applicable to your course. Click on the Practice Test and it will show all the practice tests available.

Examination Tests are scheduled in advance and can be taken at that particular time. If you want to take the Examination test, you will have to take it at the scheduled time. The link becomes active half an hour before the test time.

When is the Examination Test scheduled?
Every Saturday, a new Subject test is made available at 12 pm onwards .
Every Sunday, a new Full scale grand test is made available at 9 am onwards.

Are there any online Live interactive Video discussion available on Examination tests?
Some times, whenever we get good faculty to discuss the paper, we broad cast a live discussion. But it is not guaranteed for every test. Whenever live interactive Video discussion is planned, you are informed in advance.

Can I extend the time of Practice Test/Examination Test.

No you can not extend the time of the Practice and Examination Test and once you start the test you have to submit the test within scheduled time only. In case you do not submit the test, the test will auto save the data of the questions attempted by you and will announce the results.

Can I take a Examination Test at a different time than the scheduled time.

Yes, you have to take the Examination Test at any time within 48 hours from the start time. In case of Saturday Subject test , you can take the test till 12 pm on Monday and in case of Sunday Full Scale Grand test , you can take the test till 9 am of Tuesday . The results are declared every Tuesday evening at 5 pm.
I am not able to use arrow keys, right click of the mouse and not able to copy the data.

The arrow keys, right click of the mouse are disabled on the test and hence you will not be able to use them.

What happens in case I loose my internet connection while giving a test?

In case you loose internet connection while giving a test, your options till that point are saved. When you start the test again, you will start from the same point onwards. However you will loose the time for which you were offline.

How do I see my performance in earlier test?

You can go to left menu >> Reports. If you click on the links, you will find all the practice tests and live tests given by you till now. Click on Review link of the test for which you want to see the performance and you will see the detailed performance.

Will I get the same rank in actual exam as the rank which I get on

No, your rank can be different in the actual exam as we are not conducting the actual exam but we are attempting to create an ecosystem of actual MDS exam by bringing in large number of users online at the same time and taking the same test. Based on our analysis of the last few years questions of the particular exam, we try to give you the relevant questions which may resemble with the actual questions being asked in the exam and thus creating a ‘Rank’ which can give you an indication of your performance level.